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How to Boost Team Cooperation and Gain Success

Updated: May 23, 2019

No matter where you work, you’re probably a part of a team whose members are striving toward a common goal.

The key to a successful business is cooperation on every level, and goals are reached much more easily through team cooperation. However, even some strong leaders find it difficult to get all of the members of their team working together on a consistent basis.

The question is, how can you boost your team’s level of cooperation so that you can be certain to be successful in any project you take on?

Goal Transparency

According to a study that was done at Aarhus University in Denmark, people are much more likely to work well together when they understand what their common goal is.

A great leader understands the importance of communicating smaller goals as well as larger goals to the team as a whole.

This level of transparency and communication fosters a sense of team cooperation that’s not only effective for any current project your team might be working on, but also for future projects as well.

In the past, you have probably encouraged your team to focus on the process that is involved with a particular project rather than the end goal.

According to this study, it was found that the successful cooperation of your team members relies on their understanding of their shared common goal.

It was found that when a team knows as much information as possible about their common goal, and they can envision what the finished product will look like, they’re much more eager to work together to accomplish that goal.

Fostering Trust

Every aspect of our lives relies upon how much we trust the people we come into contact with every day. It’s evident in our personal lives and relationships, just as it’s evident in our business relationships. Trust is a vital ingredient for any successful company.

If your team members trust you and they trust each other, they will be more productive, and their projects will be more successful.

When your team has a complete understanding of their common goal, not only will that understanding promote excellent team cooperation, but it will also foster their level of trust. In fact, you will find that they trust you more as a leader, and they will also trust each other more.

Increased trust is a direct result of team cooperation, which leads to success. As a great leader within your organization, it is essential for you to understand how to communicate with the members of your team so that they understand exactly what they need to do, and what goals they are striving to reach.

Once you can accomplish this task, you will reap the benefits of their cooperation, both now and in any future projects your team takes on.

4 Steps to Boost Team Cooperation

In light of the above information, you’re probably wondering how you can start boosting team cooperation within your business right away. Here are four steps that you can take immediately.

Step #1 Clearly Define the Goals and the End Result

It’s important for you to focus on your end goal instead of on the processes your team will go through in order to reach it.

Step #2 Clearly Describe Job Duties

Each person on your team has a vital part to play. However, when they don’t understand their role, they can’t function well and the team suffers. Clearly define the responsibilities for each person in order to get the best results.

Step #3 Communicate the Purpose Behind your Goal

When you have set a goal, and you’ve communicated this goal to your team, take it one step further and talk with them about the purpose behind that goal. This type of transparency fosters trust, and improves their level of team cooperation even more.

Step #4 Encourage Trust

You will find that as your team cooperates with each other, and as they work together in their individual duties, trust will be an immediate result. Encourage this level of trust, and remind your team how important it is for them to continue to grow in their belief in the other team members.

What are some ways your team demonstrates excellence in team cooperation? Can you think of any ways they might improve how well they work together?

What are some specific changes you can make as a leader that will get them moving in the right direction today? Share your experience in the comments.

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